Sheikh Jaafar Discusses Role of Peshmerga With Italian Military Delegation

Kurdistan 02:06 PM - 2024-02-08
 Sheikh jaafar and Col. Vilicic PUKMEDIA

Sheikh jaafar and Col. Vilicic

PUK Italy

The Supervisor of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) Supreme Interests Council and a delegation of Italian forces from the international coalition praised the Peshmerga for their significant contribution to combating terrorism. In addition, they highlighted the ongoing support of the Italian forces, particularly the Peshmerga forces.

Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa, Supervisor of the PUK's Supreme Interests Council, met with Colonel Luca Vilicic and a team from the military training team of Italian soldiers in the international coalition in Iraq on Thursday.

Sheikh Jaafar commended the Italian forces for their contribution to training and supporting the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces in their fight against terrorism, as well as for their ongoing assistance.

Col. Vilicic expressed his gratitude for the position of Supervisor of the PUK's Supreme Interests Council and reiterated the ongoing commitment of the Italian forces to support the Peshmerga forces.




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