PUK Strives to Secure Petrodollars for Oil-Rich Areas

Reports 10:48 AM - 2023-12-05
 PUK's and PUK coalitions' logos. PUKMEDIA

PUK's and PUK coalitions' logos.

PUK Kirkuk

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) seeks to prioritize the development of the industrial and energy sectors in the disputed territories. This entails ensuring the supply of electricity and fuel through the oil products industry, thereby meeting the needs of these areas.

PUK allocates petrodollars to serve Kirkuk

"Following the referendum and its subsequent outcomes, Kirkuk has experienced a lack of essential services," Hazim Hamwandi, candidate No. 25 of the "Kirkuk is Our Strength & Will Coalition," list No. 142, told PUKMEDIA. There is a noticeable lack of services in Kurdish neighborhoods, particularly in terms of electricity supply. As a result, we have devised a comprehensive strategy to address the city's electricity scarcity."

"Our objective is to allocate petrodollars towards the betterment of the residents of Kirkuk, with a focus on creating employment prospects for the younger generation and prioritizing the reopening of oil refineries," Hamwandi said.

Nineveh's fuel needs are met by the oil products industry

Darwesh Biso, candidate No. 4 of the Nineveh People's Coalition, list No. 134, told PUKMEDIA: "With our triumph in the Nineveh provincial council, our primary objective is to address the electricity deficit in the province's urban, rural, and suburban areas by establishing additional power plants. Additionally, we aim to bolster the local economy and generate employment opportunities for the residents of Nineveh through the development of the oil products industry."

"We are currently coordinating efforts within the federal government to arrange and resume operations at the refinery located in Nineveh province. This initiative aims to fulfill the fuel requirements of the local population," said Biso.

The PUK team is working to restore operations of the oil refinery in  Diyala

Aws Ibrahim, candidate No. 5 on the PUK's independent list No. 120 in Diyala, told PUKMEDIA: "We are collaborating with the PUK team in the federal government to restore operations at the oil refinery in Diyala. This initiative aims to enhance employment prospects and address the fuel requirements of citizens."

"We are actively addressing the issue of electricity shortages in urban, rural, and suburban areas of the province by implementing additional power plants. Furthermore, we are actively promoting the growth and development of the oil products industry in Diyala province," Ibrahim said.

The PUK has always prioritized the industrial and energy sectors, especially in conflict-affected areas. To achieve this goal, the message and program of the lists and coalitions for the Iraqi provincial council elections attempted to address industrial needs. The federal government will focus its attention on this sector first, ensuring that these areas can be revitalized through industrial and energy initiatives.

The PUK has 112 candidates running in the Iraqi provincial council elections. The party has joined forces with the Kurdistan Communist Party in Kirkuk to form the "Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition." The PUK formed a coalition with the National Rafa'a Party in Nineveh, dubbed the "Nineveh People Coalition." In addition, the PUK maintains an independent electoral list in the Diyala province. The PUK formed the "National People's List" coalition in Saladin, alongside an independent list in Baghdad that included a Faily Kurd candidate, intending to secure the quota seats.

Note* The former Iraqi Ba'ath regime made significant efforts to Arabize all residents of Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh, and Salah ad Din, resulting in ongoing territorial disputes between Erbil and Baghdad. Even though Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution was written in part to address the issue, the legislation has yet to be implemented. The PUK's call is an attempt to increase the number of Kurds voting in these areas, giving the Kurds more influence and benefiting other communities.


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