Four Factions Reject Postponement of Kurdistan Parliamentary Elections

Kurdistan 07:28 PM - 2024-04-30
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Kurdistan Parliament

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The attempts to reschedule the Kurdistan parliamentary elections have been met with opposition from four Kurdish factions in the Iraqi parliament, who claim that doing so would be a blatant violation of the law, the constitution, and democracy. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Faction's spokesperson declared: "We oppose any attempt to delay elections."  

There is no excuse for postponing elections

The PUK, the Kurdistan Islamic Union, the Kurdistan Justice Group, and New Generation factions are against any attempt to reschedule the June 10th Kurdistan Parliament elections. " The people of the Kurdistan Region have a legal, constitutional, and democratic right to have elections, and that right cannot be postponed at the will of one political party," they said in a statement.

The statement further said: "The president has set the date of the elections, and the Federal Court supports it. As a result, there is no justification for delaying the elections in the Kurdistan Region, and the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission is still working on its preparations."
The four factions call on the federal government—the Iraqi parliament, the Council of Ministers, the Federal Court, and the IHEC—to oppose any move to reschedule the elections and ensure that they take place on time because there is no justification for doing so.
The PUK is prepared for elections. 
The PUK has officially submitted its candidates to the IHEC and is fully prepared for the upcoming sixth session of the Kurdistan Parliament.

Sozan Mansour, the official spokeswoman of the PUK Faction, told PUKMEDIA: "All parties, except one, concur with the PUK and insist on the elections taking place as planned. The PUK and other parties have submitted their candidates' names to the IHEC and are prepared for the elections."
Respect the decrees of the Kurdistan Region's President 
Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani has signed four decrees to convene the sixth session of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections. The Kurdish factions insist on respecting the president's decrees.

The PUK has firmly stated its intention to convene the sixth session of the Kurdistan Parliament on the scheduled date of June 10, 24, as determined by the presidency of the Kurdistan Region. The PUK views any justification for delaying the elections as a violation of the people's democratic rights and a detriment to the Region's image.


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