Data Revolution Starts From Sulaymaniyah

Reports 12:58 PM - 2023-11-16
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Sulaymaniyah Qubad Talabani

The lack of data and information has increased problems, making it impossible to identify and solve them scientifically. Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani unveiled the project (the Initiative of Data Revolution and Smart Solutions for Regional Development) for the first time in Iraq on November 13, 2023, the anniversary of Sulaymaniyah's founding and after 32 years of administration in the Kurdistan Region. 

The Data Revolution is an initiative that, in addition to gathering data and new information, identifies problems and seeks scientifically sound solutions. Young people and the general public can also help identify solutions.

Qubad Talabani: Data availability starts development

At the launch of the Data Revolution Initiative, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Qubad Talabani stated, "If we do not put in place a model of data governance and regional development that puts the natural and human resources of towns, districts, and villages at the service of growth, we will not have a stable and developed economy, nor will big cities grow effectively." 

"The occurrence of regional development is dependent on the implementation of scientific planning, as the absence of such planning renders the process futile." Furthermore, scientific planning is significant because it is based on precise and scientific data. As a result, the collection and accessibility of data and information is the initial and fundamental stage of development in all domains," he stated.

Data Revolution offers the best service

MEED Chairman of the Board Amanj Shahid Shawkat told PUKMEDIA, "We have not had trustworthy and reliable data for a long time." MEED is currently preparing for regional development, which will result in initiatives to provide the best services possible to stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. In this context, we launched the Data Revolution Initiative project to identify issues and provide scientific solutions in all areas." 

"The first step in this process is known as the Data Revolution." Smart Suli, a problem-classification service that invites young people to propose solutions, comes next. Following an evaluation, the data-driven and validated recommendations serve as the foundation for the proposed solution. This allows youth to submit projects and use their skills to solve problems," he added. 

"Only data can be used to make scientifically sound conclusions," he added. As a result, it is impossible to accurately define and address issues without data. The data revolution will also produce a stable economy. "

Data needs to be improved in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq

Developed countries rely on statistics and data to solve problems; the inability to find solutions in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq is partly due to a lack of data and information. 

Expert in satellite data analysis and assistant professor Dr. Sarchil Qadir of the University of Southampton, UK, told PUKMEDIA about the project's announcement: "In addition to a lack of new data, Iraq and the Kurdistan Region have poor data collection capabilities, which has hampered problem identification and solutions." The most important data currently gathered worldwide in the areas of (demographics, agriculture, economy, migration, displacement, and so on) leads to problem solutions. Furthermore, the data must be constantly updated." 

"GPS capability is required for the new data revolution to enable quick access to information for research or other purposes." Thus, the beginning of the data revolution in the Kurdistan Region is significant and opens a new door for Iraq," he added. 

Smart Suli and the Youth Technology Forum for Innovation are complementary initiatives to the Data Revolution and Smart Solutions Initiative for engaging citizens and youth in problem-solving. In addition, it involves using data to identify the best solutions. Sulaymaniyah will host the annual Youth Technology Forum for Innovation and Entrepreneurship beginning in 2024. 



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