PUK Fights Corruption Through Its Lists and Coalitions

Reports 01:46 PM - 2023-11-06
 The logos of Nineveh People Coalition,  the PUK, Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition. PUKMEDIA

The logos of Nineveh People Coalition, the PUK, Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition.

PUK Elections

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has issued directives to its candidates to actively combat corruption and fight for the welfare of the people in the disputed areas.

The issue of disputed territories has long been a source of contention between Erbil and Baghdad. Kirkuk, Nineveh, Diyala, and Saladin are among the provinces involved in the dispute. The former Iraqi Ba'ath regime made significant efforts to Arabize all residents of these areas, which has resulted in ongoing disputes between Erbil and Baghdad. Even though Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution was written to address the issue, the legislation has yet to be implemented.  

"Our candidates pledge to combat corruption and increase transparency actively if they are elected to the Nineveh provincial council," Darwesh Biso Ali Khalaf, candidate No. 4 of the PUK within the Nineveh People Coalition, told PUKMEDIA.

“There is widespread corruption in the Nineveh provincial council. If a majority of our candidates are elected to the provincial council, we can effectively address issues of corruption by holding accountable those involved and ensuring that justice is served," said Khalaf.
The lack of effective supervision in Kirkuk province governance has resulted in instances of discrimination and corrupt behaviour within the administration. In response, the PUK intends to transform the provincial council into a regulatory entity, reducing the likelihood of corruption.

"The prevalence of corruption within various sectors of the Kirkuk province can be attributed to the absence of a committee tasked with overseeing the operations and activities of the administration." 
Dr. Hazim Hamwandi, candidate number 25 of the "Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition," told PUKMEDIA.

"As a means of combating corruption, our strategy entails securing a majority of seats in the Kirkuk provincial council." "We intend to address individuals involved in corrupt practises within the council while prioritising the establishment of transparency as the guiding principle for all operations," he said. 
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has developed a pragmatic agenda and announced a slate of 30 candidates for the Iraqi provincial council elections in Diyala province. 

Aram Mohammed, the candidate of the PUK's independent list in Diyala, told PUKMEDIA: “The primary objective of our program is to eliminate corruption and combat individuals engaged in corrupt practices. If our candidates' secure positions within the Diyala Provincial Council, we will prioritize openness as the fundamental principle guiding our endeavors.”

The PUK aims to maximize the representation of its candidates in the provincial councils of the disputed territories. The goal of this objective is to address the widespread corruption and prejudice in these areas. Additionally, the PUK seeks to hold accountable those officials who engage in corrupt practices. Furthermore, the party intends to empower the provincial councils to oversee administrative activities.

The PUK has formed a coalition with the Kurdistan Communist Party in Kirkuk, operating under the name "Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition." In Nineveh, the PUK established a coalition with the National Rafa'a Party, referred to as the "Nineveh People Coalition." Additionally, the PUK maintains an independent electoral list in the province of Diyala. The PUK established a coalition known as the "National People's List" in Saladin, alongside an independent list in Baghdad featuring a Faily Kurd candidate, intending to secure the quota seats.


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