Kirkuk Provincial Council Members Are Expected to Meet Soon

Kurdistan 05:57 PM - 2024-06-20
 Kirkuk Provincial Council building PUKMEDIA

Kirkuk Provincial Council building


A meeting of the Kirkuk provincial council is anticipated to take place in the near future, as confirmed by a council member who stated, "The involved parties have reached an agreement to convene the meeting."

Dr. Ahmed Fatih, a member of the Kirkuk provincial council representing the PUK faction, stated to PUKMEDIA: "Our faction will attend the meeting. Additionally, the majority of other factions have also agreed to participate alongside us." 

Dr. Ahmed stated that the parties are persisting in their endeavours to convene the council meeting next week with the required number of members in attendance.
Over five months have passed since some candidates took their oaths for the Kirkuk provincial council, consisting of 16 members. The inaugural session of the new Kirkuk provincial council, led by the most senior council member, was scheduled to take place on February 5, 2024. However, the session was postponed as a result of the Arab and Turkmen factions' boycott as some candidates did not take their oaths. 


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