DPM Talabani: We Will Defend Freedom of Press

Kurdistan 10:26 AM - 2024-04-22
 First issue of Kurdistan Newspaper. Qubad Talabani's Media

First issue of Kurdistan Newspaper.

Qubad Talabani Kurdistan Journalists

Qubad Talabani, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, offered his congratulations to all Kurdish journalists on the occasion of Kurdish Journalism Day and the 126th anniversary of the launch of the first Kurdish newspaper.

DPM Talabani's message to journalists said:

Happy Kurdish Journalism Day and the 126th anniversary of the first Kurdish newspaper to all Kurdish journalists and media personnel.

On this occasion, I strongly advocate for freedom of the press and all other fundamental liberties. I urge both the authorities, political parties, media channels, and journalists to critically evaluate the current state of Kurdish journalism. The government and political authorities have a responsibility to address the issues and weaknesses that hinder freedom of the press. This includes enforcing laws on journalism and the right to access information, as well as reforming the treatment of journalists by security personnel.

In turn, Media channels and journalists should enhance public trust in journalism by improving their professional expertise and dedication to the core principles of the field.

It is required of us to honour the profession and duty of journalism and uphold the freedom of the press.

Once again, Happy Kurdish Journalism Day!


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