PUK Offers Condolences to Late Erling Folkvord's Family

World 01:03 PM - 2024-03-18
 Erling Folkvord, Norwegian politician for the Red Party and a member of the Parliament of Norway. Heiko Junge / NTB

Erling Folkvord, Norwegian politician for the Red Party and a member of the Parliament of Norway.


The spokesperson for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) sent a condolence letter to the family of late Erling Folkvord, Norwegian politician for the Red Party and a member of the Parliament of Norway.
The letter read:
Dear, Family members of late Mr. Erling Folkvord...
On behalf of President Bafel Talabani, The President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and all the members leadership council, please accept our deepest condolences on the uncertain demise of Mr. Erling Folkvord. We must say that he was really a great man. Mr. Folkvord was one of a really loyal friends of Kurds and it's cause, Mr.Erling visited Kurdistan for the first time in 1994 and since then has been an active supporter of the Kurds. He has traveled to the four different parts dozens of times and has met Kurdish leaders, mostly with the late President Jalal Talabani.

Erling was one of the most prominent of these politicians in Europe who defended the rights of peoples, especially the Kurdish people, and for this reason faced many times obstacles from political systems, and he was also one of the political activists who fought against corruption, so he is considered one of the politician stars in Europe. In addition, he has written 15 books and three about Kurdistan.

He always stands with us to obtain our rights, that's why in his 15 books, he written three books just about Kurds and Kurdish issues in different parts of Kurdistan.

We are filling not just only his family, also all the Kurds loose one of dearest friends.

We hope that this relationship will continue via the friends of Mr. Folkvord, and the new generation will follow-up his principal of friendship to cooperate between each other's.

Mr. Folkvord was a man of jolly character as well as a man of great moral principles. His conversations and listening to his experiences is something that we will miss a lot.

He really was full of joy and I can realize that it is really a tough situation right now for you and your family.

May his soul rest in peace and may the Lord give you and your family members enough strength to overcome this situation of deep sorrow.
friends. Yours Sincerely,

Sadi Pire 
Spokesperson of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

About Erling Folkvord

Erling Folkvord was a Norwegian politician for the Red Party and a member of the Parliament of Norway. A revolutionary socialist, he was one of the leading members of the Workers' Communist Party and the Red Electoral Alliance before they merged to form Red. He sat as a member of the Parliament of Norway from 1993 to 1997, becoming the first socialist to the left of the Socialist Left Party and the Labour Party in parliament since 1961. He later lost his position in 1997 and was a candidate for parliament until his death. He was a member of the Oslo City Council from 1983 to 1993, and again from 1999 to 2011. Folkvord became one of the best-known Norwegian politicians on the left who was not connected with the Labour Party and the Socialist Left Party.

In the early part of his political career, Folkvord was a member of the Red Electoral Alliance. Known for working on several corruption cases earned him the nickname the "watch dog". Folkvord's political views turned to communism and anti-capitalism when he became a member of the Workers' Communist Party. From 1990 to 1997, he was Deputy Leader of the Workers' Communist Party, and in 2001 he became Deputy Leader of the Red Electoral Alliance alongside Chris Hartmann.


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