Qubad Talabani: We are Optimistic That the Financial Issue Will Be Resolved This Year

Kurdistan 01:49 PM - 2024-02-07
Qubad Talabani's meeting with FDA delegation Deputy Prime Minister's media office

Qubad Talabani's meeting with FDA delegation

Qubad Talabani France

Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani met with a delegation from the French Development Agency to discuss the Kurdistan Region's economic situation and strategies for strengthening the private sector. 

The meeting was held in Erbil on Wednesday and was attended by Yann Braem, the French Consul General in the Kurdistan Region. The Deputy Prime Minister thanked the French agency for their support and stated that the Kurdistan Region welcomes French investors and is fully prepared to provide various forms of assistance and facilities. 

He stated that the Kurdistan Regional Government's goal is to strengthen the private sector, and as part of that plan, they have begun the process of providing assistance to local investors. He also said that, as a result of this initiative, there was a significant increase in domestic investment in Kurdistan last year, with Sulaymaniyah ranking first in Iraq. 

Talabani cited the lack of scientific data as a major impediment to economic development in Kurdistan and Iraq, stating, "Without this data, it is impossible to make the right and timely decisions to address problems and formulate effective plans for economic growth." 

"Last year, we announced the data revolution, which began with the collection and preparation of scientific data in Halabja. This effort will continue until Kurdistan has comprehensive scientific data in all domains," he stated. 

As part of these efforts to enhance the private sector, he stated that they are continuously striving to foster an environment where investors and capitalists are encouraged to invest in the creative ideas of young individuals. The Smart Suli Platform has been introduced in this particular situation, along with the Sulaymaniyah International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, both aimed at achieving the same objective. "These endeavours will persist in the future," he said.

 In another part of the meeting, they discussed the financial issues that exist between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad. The Deputy Prime Minister stated that continued efforts are being made to address the concerns. "We are optimistic that this issue will be resolved once and for all this year," he said. 

Furthermore, Talabani stated that there has been significant progress in the agricultural sector in recent years. The Ministry of Agriculture has developed a comprehensive strategy to improve this sector, and the government has set a clear path for its future development.


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