Around 130 Billion Dinars to Be Allocated for IDPs' Return

Iraq 05:43 PM - 2024-02-06
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A camp of IDPs

Iraq Kurdistan Region

The Iraqi government will provide each IDP family in the Kurdistan Region who chooses to return home with a package that includes 4 million dinars, a plot of land, and career opportunities. To achieve this goal, the Iraqi government needs approximately 130 billion dinars and 32,000 plots of land.

Kurdistan Region shelters 32,000 displaced families
According to PUKMEDIA's investigations, the Iraqi government needs 128 billion dinars in total to distribute 4 million dinars to each of the 32,000 families living in Kurdistan Region camps. Furthermore, the government must secure 32,000 plots of land to distribute among IDPs. 
The majority of Iraqi IDPs are currently housed in camps in Erbil and Duhok. These camps include a total of 24 facilities. In addition, some IDPs have chosen to live in Erbil, Duhok, and Sulaymaniyah rather than the camps.
All the IDPs will return in the next four months
According to a statement from the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displaced: "In addition to compensation, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs provides returnees with interest-free facility loans, disability benefits, assistance, social insurance salary, and allowances." 
The Iraqi Ministry of Migration has decided to return all IDPs from the Kurdistan Region to their respective homes by July of this year, especially given the lack of an imminent threat in their regions, allowing them to resume their normal lives.
The compensation would benefit IDPs
The Head of the Migration Committee in the Iraqi parliament encourages IDPs to take advantage of this opportunity, receive compensation, and return to their homes. 
Ronzi Ziad Sido, The Head of the Migration Committee in the Iraqi parliament, told PUKMEDIA: "Our committee supports the Ministry of Migration's efforts to return IDPs to their respective regions. As a result, I encourage IDPs to seize this opportunity and benefit from the compensation, as it is critical for them to eventually return to their homes." 
While there is a lack of up-to-date statistics, the 2022 data obtained by PUKMEDIA from the Kurdistan Regional Government's Ministry of Interior's Bureau of Migration and Displacement shows that there are 664,798 IDPs in the Kurdistan Region. 174,706 are housed in camps, while 490,920 live outside of them. 
According to Ms. Ronzi, the number of IDPs has decreased over the last two years, with roughly 30% to 40% returning to their homes. As a result, it appears that approximately 400,000 IDPs remain in the Kurdistan Region. 
According to the International Organisation for Migration, Iraq had the most IDPs in April 2016, with approximately 3.42 million people forced to leave their homes. The vast majority of the IDPs have moved to the Kurdistan Region and settled in camps. The Iraqi Ministry of Migration intends to conduct a census of IDPs who remain in the Kurdistan Region after the end of July and finally resolve Iraq's displacement crisis.




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