Al-Agili Reveals the Details of His Request to President Bafel

Interviews 04:51 PM - 2024-02-01
Mahmood Hussein al-Agili PUKMEDIA

Mahmood Hussein al-Agili

PUK Iraq

In an interview with PUKMEDIA, Mahmood Hussein al-Agili, Secretary-General of the Iraqi al-Umma party, stated that he has requested that Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), launch a national initiative involving all Iraqi forces.

He further said that Iraq is going through a difficult time, and it needs intelligent individuals to figure out the issues. The PUK president's ability to lead the national dialogue congress is what motivates his request to him.

Q: How did you choose President Bafel to announce an initiative to bring together the political forces and parties in Iraq?

Iraq is in a precarious situation, and the country requires intelligent and capable leaders to provide solutions. We believe that President Bafel Jalal Talabani possesses the knowledge and abilities required to lead a national dialogue congress. Good results will be ensured if the meeting is chaired by President Bafel and held in Sulaymaniyah to bring people together, prioritize public interests over private interests, create a new roadmap for Iraq's political relations and communities, and put an end to the disputes and issues.

Q: Why do you think holding the congress in Sulaymaniyah will be significant and successful?

Sulaymaniyah shares many characteristics with the peoples and communities of Iraq. Sulaymaniyah has the potential to provide a national solution to Iraq and Kurdistan's problems. This fact has been proven to all of us through previous experience. It is also a city that values culture and coexistence. President Mam Jalal has previously fought a long battle against dictatorship and extremism, earning him a sacred place in the hearts of Iraqis. Even now, President Bafel Jalal Talabani has the ability to unite the forces and parties, bringing everyone together under a single Iraqi national discourse for the sake of peace, stability, and providing a decent living for citizens.

Q: Do you believe this kind of initiative will be met with a response from the parties?

We have observed in our interactions with some Iraqi political forces and parties that they strongly desire and support President Bafel Jalal Talabani's chairing of a national dialogue congress. Given his stature in the Kurdistan and Iraqi political arenas and his ability to resolve disputes diplomatically, we are confident that the parties will respond very well to participating in the national dialogue. In the past, we have spoken about this matter with numerous individuals and groups.

Q: What are the obstacles to the political process and Iraq in general?

The current internal and external conflicts in Iraq have made living conditions for its citizens slightly more difficult. Other issues include interference in national affairs, failure to implement the constitution, tensions between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region, and failure to pay the Region's salaries. We believe that the parties should discuss these concerns in a calm and conflict-free setting, as in Sulaymaniyah. We also believe that international conflicts have had a significant impact on Iraq's internal conflicts. Political relations and stability have been impacted, necessitating a common solution to all of these issues.


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