Iraq President Meets UN Secretary-General, WFP Executive Director

World 09:27 AM - 2023-12-03
 Iraqi President and UN Secretary-General. PUKMEDIA

Iraqi President and UN Secretary-General.

On Saturday, December 2, 2023, Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid met with the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), Cindy McCain, on the sidelines of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The latest developments on the international scene and those related to politics, security, and the environment were discussed in the meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

According to President Rashid, it is vital that the outcomes of previous climate summits be implemented and that international agreements are implemented to ensure that the agreements become a reality.

In addition to the water crisis, the President described the challenges of climate including desertification, drought, water resources and dust, which have negatively affected all aspects of life in Iraq.

In his remarks, He also underscored the importance of the United Nations in supporting international efforts, taking necessary steps to reduce the water crisis, and establishing cross-border cooperation to ensure equal distribution of water among riparian nations.

As a result of the ongoing aggression against the Palestinian people, the President spoke of the current situation in the Gaza Strip, as well as the suffering of the Palestinian people, and urging the international community to take a determined stance against this aggression to facilitate the delivery of aid to the people of Palestinians.

A number of issues related to climate change were also discussed between the two sides, including how to confront these challenges in a manner that assures the preservation of the environment and human life.

Iraqi President and WFP Executive Director.

In President Rashid's meeting with Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), Cindy McCain, he referred to the wars, sieges, and terrorism Iraq endured by Iraq over many years, which resulted in a decline in the quality of services in many sectors. Also discussed were the state of agriculture, water resources, and quality of life in Iraq and how climate change adversely affected these areas.

In his remarks, the Iraqi President emphasized that it is essential to expand the horizons of cooperation between Iraq and the World Food Program as well as to implement proactive plans to address climate change's threats. He also underlined the importance of increasing the role of international organizations and returning displaced people to their homes after their cities, towns, and villages are rehabilitated and reconstructed, which would end the tragic situation they are experiencing.

Additionally, they discussed the longstanding and exceptional cooperation between Iraq and the World Food Programme, and they agreed that these relationships need to be strengthened even further.

Concerning regional issues, particularly in Gaza, the President noted the humanitarian situation there is deteriorating due to the ongoing aggression, and the ongoing need to ensure the delivery of the largest possible amount of humanitarian assistance possible. Also, he reiterated the Iraqi government's commitment to continuing its efforts to work with regional and international parties to end the aggression, provide aid to the Palestinian people, and establish an independent state for them.

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