DPM Talabani Urges Garmian Officials to Streamline Investors' Formalities

Kurdistan 04:10 PM - 2024-04-15
 Deputy PM Qubad Talabani among Garmian officials. Qubad Talabani's Media

Deputy PM Qubad Talabani among Garmian officials.

Qubad Talabani Kurdistan Region

Qubad Talabani, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, met with Jalal Sheikh Nuri, the supervisor of Garmian Administration, and the officials of the border's directorates on his second day in Garmian on Monday, April 15, 2024.

DPM Talabani directed the officials of the Garmian Administration to execute steps that would enhance the execution of citizens' affairs and improve the service provided to the people of the Garmian region. He stated that it is vital to adjust the administrative posts in the region whenever they see fit in order to provide better service to the people.

He also highlighted the need to streamline transactions at Garmian directorates in order to bolster the private sector and attract more investors. This includes providing full facilitation for investors and minimising official processes. He emphasised the need to not only offer comprehensive amenities to investors in the region but also to actively promote investment in the Garmian Administration, thereby contributing to the economic revitalisation of the region.

The Deputy Prime Minister instructed Garmian Administration officials to formulate a suitable strategy for the advancement of the agriculture and tourism industries, taking into consideration the environmental conditions and resources of the region.

He also carefully considered the demands and difficulties presented and made the decision to address certain requests put forth by the directorates of the Garmian Administration.

DPM Talabani went to Garmian Administration on Sunday, on the anniversary of Anfal crime, which falls on April 4 every year, where he visited the mayor's office of Kifri, the Bawa Shaswar dam, the Hasira Power Plant, and opened the Garmian Polytechnic University in Kifri. He urged the administrative officials to streamline all tasks in order to effectively meet the demands of citizens and enhance the efficiency of interactions with the public.


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