DPM Talabani Appreciates Spanish Ambassador’s Efforts in Improving Both Countries' Relations

Kurdistan 06:32 PM - 2024-05-08
Deputy Prime Minister and Spanish Ambassador Deputy Prime Minister’s media office

Deputy Prime Minister and Spanish Ambassador

Spain Qubad Talabani

Pedro Martinez, the Spanish ambassador to Iraq, paid Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani a visit on the occasion of his departure from the position.

About the Spanish Ambassador, Deputy Prime Minister wrote on his Facebook page that "Since joining the Spanish Embassy in Iraq in 1987 and learning about the Kurdish issue and the oppression they endured, he has become friends with and sympathetic to the Kurdish people."

“While serving as his nation's ambassador to Iraq in recent years, he made numerous attempts to improve relations between the Kurdistan Region and Spain in a number of areas and persistently worked to bring political parties' points of view closer together,” he added. 

Talabani also wrote: “He came to see us today to bid us farewell as his duty in Iraq comes to an end. I sent him my best wishes for success on his next mission and thanked him for all of his efforts and help throughout his term.”


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