PUK Spokesperson: PUK Has Never Been an Obstacle to Elections' Date

P.U.K 01:01 PM - 2024-04-03
Saadi Ahmed Pire, PUK Spokesman PUKMEDIA

Saadi Ahmed Pire, PUK Spokesman

PUK Elections

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) rejects any postponement of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections and believes that prolonging the process will not benefit the Kurdistan Region. The spokesperson for the PUK stated: "The Kurdistan Region's President has issued four decrees so far to schedule the parliamentary elections, and the PUK has never been the cause for delaying the elections."

The PUK insists on holding elections
Saadi Ahmed Pire, the Spokesperson for the PUK, stated in an interview with PUKMEDIA: "The Politburo meeting highlighted the importance of conducting elections on schedule, and we reaffirmed our commitment to holding the elections. Postponing the procedure is not beneficial for the Kurdistan Region. However, the process of conducting elections is the only way to accomplish the goal of establishing a new parliament and administration."

"The PUK has never requested a postponement of the elections, and we have only voiced one complaint regarding the conduct of the process." Regardless of the Federal Court's judgment, we hold it in high regard, just as we have respected the presidency's decree in establishing the election date," he said.
PUK respects the decree of the Kurdistan Region's Presidency
"The PUK has respected the decrees of the Kurdistan Region President, despite issuing four decrees about election dates." However, the PUK has never been an obstacle to the election date." Pire continued, "On the contrary, we have supported it because we understand that postponing the elections would be disastrous for the Kurdistan Region."

"All Kurdish parties, except the Kurdistan Democratic Party, are concerned about the current state of affairs in the Kurdistan Region and oppose the decision to delay the elections. At the same time, no political party will engage in the elections with assurances, and any speculation regarding this matter is false. Additionally, there are no plans to delay the elections,” the PUK spokesman said.
All parties reached a consensus on the date of the elections
He continued, "The people of the Kurdistan Region in general are demanding the conduct of elections, and they want to re-activate the parliament and form a new government to address their problems."

Pire also said, "As usual, the PUK is not going to participate in the elections with conditions and will honor any results declared by the IHEC. We have expressed dissatisfaction with the election results in the past, but  have not disrupted the democratic process in the Region."


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