IHEC Numbers the Lists and Candidates For Kurdistan Parliamentary Elections

Kurdistan 01:35 PM - 2024-04-01
Jumana Ghalai, IHEC Spokeswoman PUKMEDIA

Jumana Ghalai, IHEC Spokeswoman

IHEC Kurdistan Parliament

The deadline for registering candidates has passed. 10 parties, 2 coalitions, and 54 independent candidates including the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) candidates, have registered their names at the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC). Next week will see the numbering of the lists and candidates for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections.

Jumana Ghalai, Spokeswoman for the IHEC, stated in an interview with PUKMEDIA: "The registration deadline for candidates stopped at midnight yesterday, resulting in the registration of two coalitions, 10 parties, and 54 independent candidates."

"The party lists are set to be numbered on April 6, 2024, starting with No. 101. Meanwhile, the IHEC diligently carries out its tasks and strictly follows the timeline of the electoral process, ensuring impartiality from political parties and coalitions. The IHEC will conduct the elections for the sixth session of the Kurdistan Parliament in accordance with the laws and decisions," she added.

The PUK has provided the IHEC with its list of candidates 
The PUK is one of the ten parties that have submitted their candidates. Rizgar Haji Hama, the Head of the PUK Election Bureau, stated that we have presented candidates to the IHEC in all four constituencies.

"We have formally presented the list of candidates for the four electoral constituencies (Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Duhok, Halabja) to the IHEC, signifying our readiness for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections," he added.
10 parties and two coalitions have registered for elections

A total of 20 political parties, 2 coalitions, and 62 independent candidates were registered to take part in the forthcoming parliamentary elections throughout all four constituencies of Kurdistan. However, the current count of registered names of candidates indicate that only two coalitions, 10 parties, together with 54 independent candidates are taking part in the elections.



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