PUK Spokesperson: Elections Must be Held to Enhance Trust in the Region

P.U.K 09:06 PM - 2024-05-19
 PUK Spokesperson Saadi Ahmed Pire. PUKMEDIA

PUK Spokesperson Saadi Ahmed Pire.

PUK Elections Kurdistan Parliament Kurdistan KDP

The spokesperson of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) asserts that the Kurdistan parliament is facing increased external scrutiny, and therefore, holding elections is necessary to enhance trust in the Kurdistan Region. 

During a news conference commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the first parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region, PUK Spokesperson Saadi Ahmed Pire expressed his view that this significant day should be designated as a public holiday due to its historical significance and grandeur.

"The Kurdistan parliament is facing heightened scrutiny from foreign entities. Inevitably, elections must be conducted, which would enhance trust in the Region, and we will not entertain any discussions to delay the elections," he further stated.

"We have never requested that the quota seats be eliminated," he stated. "This is not a conflict between us and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)."

Pire stated that the KDP's media reports targeting Sulaymaniyah are false and serve to incite other countries to launch attacks on the city.



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