PUK Secures Communities' Rights, Ensures Fair Elections

Kurdistan 11:36 PM - 2024-02-22
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Kurdistan Parliament

PUK Kurdistan Region Elections

The Federal Court's decision on the PUK's complaint about upcoming elections in the Kurdistan Region assures voters that their votes will be protected. It prevents one province from violating another's rights and protects community rights, ensuring that no party exploits them for personal gain. The PUK protected the rights of the communities and ensured fair elections.

Four constituencies maintain geographical balance in parliament

Luqman Wardi, Deputy Chairman of the PUK faction in the fifth session of the Kurdistan Parliament, told PUKMEDIA that the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court's rulings were the result of manipulative games with Community seats in the Kurdistan Parliament. The PUK has consistently supported the idea of communities electing their own representatives to parliament." 

"The Supreme Court's ruling on the four constituencies for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections will provide geographical balance in the parliament and prohibit any province from infringing on the rights of another province," he added. "Moreover, the Independent High Electoral Commission's supervision of the forthcoming parliamentary elections will ensure a transparent election process in the Region."

The PUK safeguards the rights of communities

Shirin Younis, a PUK faction member in the fifth session of the Kurdistan Parliament, told PUKMEDIA that the PUK will continue to protect the communities' rights and prevent any party from monopolising their votes. 

She added: "Communities are able to send delegates to the 100 seats in the Kurdistan Parliament that the Federal Court has allotted. The Kurdish people will be the only beneficiaries of the multi-constituency elections. Similar to Iraq, a single constituency does not provide justice in the Kurdistan Region. For this reason, the PUK, which is concerned with promoting free and fair elections and building voter confidence in the system, has supported four constituencies."

In the previous session of the Kurdistan Parliament, Ziad Jabar, the leader of the PUK faction, filed a complaint against five particular articles of the Kurdistan Parliamentary Election Law: articles 1, 9, 15, 22, and 36. The court finally concluded its proceedings and rendered several decisions in the Kurdistan Region's best interests after 11 rescheduled sessions. 


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