Kirkuk Parties Await Provincial Council's Activation

Kurdistan 11:51 AM - 2024-04-13
 Iraqi Prime Minister's first meeting with the winning parties in Kirkuk province. PUKMEDIA

Iraqi Prime Minister's first meeting with the winning parties in Kirkuk province.

Kirkuk Kurdistan PUK

The winners of the Kirkuk Provincial Council elections are waiting for another meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister to establish the provincial council and determine the governor of Kirkuk. A provincial council member expressed the need for the council to operate efficiently, similar to other provinces in Iraq, and emphasised the necessity of determining the position of the governor of Kirkuk. 

The winning parties in Kirkuk will meet with the prime minister

Ahmed Fatih, a member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) faction, told PUKMEDIA that the victorious political factions will convene once again to establish the provincial council following the return of the Iraqi Prime Minister from the United States.

"The meeting aims to address the matter of the council and governor of Kirkuk. Following the elections of the Iraqi provincial councils, only the Kirkuk Provincial Council is yet to be activated, and a governor needs to be appointed to lead it," stated Fatih.

In the presence of PUK President Bafel Jalal Talabani, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani met twice with Kirkuk's winning parties in Baghdad to discuss the steps to form the local government and appoint the governor for the Kirkuk provincial council. Following the United States's visit, he will once again meet the winning parties in Kirkuk at the negotiating table in Baghdad.

The PUK won the most votes in Kirkuk

Rawand Mullah Mahmoud, head of the PUK's Kirkuk headquarters, told PUKMEDIA: "As we announced in the past, the PUK is ready to negotiate with the parties and communities in Kirkuk to form a local government."

"The PUK, as the party that received the highest number of votes in the province, is entitled to obtain the post of governor of the city. Other political parties, based on their electoral performance, also have the right to receive their share of the province. This way, we can collectively work towards serving the people of Kirkuk," he stated.

The PUK won five seats in Kirkuk province
The Iraqi provincial council elections took place on December 18, 2023, in 15 provinces. Currently, only Kirkuk province has yet to establish its council and appoint a governor for the city.

The Kirkuk Coalition, comprising the PUK and the Kurdistan Communist Party, emerged as the leading political force in the province, securing 157,639 votes, which accounts for 43% of the total votes. This victory earned them five seats in the provincial council. Nevertheless, it has been four months since the provincial council elections, yet the provincial council remains inactive.


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