U.S. Supports Conduct of Fair Elections in Kurdistan Region

P.U.K 03:16 PM - 2024-04-02
 Head of Foreign Relations of the PUK & US Deputy Consul General PUKMEDIA

Head of Foreign Relations of the PUK & US Deputy Consul General


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has firmly advocated for the timely conduct of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections, the US Deputy Consul General in the Kurdistan Region stated that the US supports the conduct of elections in the Kurdistan Region.

Dara Khaylani, a member of the Leadership Council and the Head of Foreign Relations of the PUK, met with Pamela J. Hack, the Deputy Consul General of the United States (U.S.) in the Kurdistan Region. The meeting deliberated on the most recent developments in the Kurdistan Region and preparations for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections.

Dara Khaylani explained the stance held by the PUK and stated: "The PUK strongly advocates for conducting transparent and fair elections and is fully prepared for the elections on the scheduled date determined by the presidency. We oppose the idea of delaying the elections and we urge all political factions and parties in Kurdistan to partake in the elections."

"At the same time, the elections reflect the Kurdish people's aspiration for a government and parliament that inclusively reflects all the Kurds, without any discrimination," he added. 

For her part, the U.S. Deputy Consul General said: "The U.S. supports free, transparent, and fair elections in the Kurdistan Region as a critical procedure for serving the people and protecting the Region's entity."


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