Iraqi President Affirms Iraq's Keenness to Boost Cooperation with UK

Iraq 05:59 PM - 2024-03-19
 Iraqi President on the right and the British Ambassador on the life. Iraqi Presidency

Iraqi President on the right and the British Ambassador on the life.

Iraq British Ambassador Iraqi President UK

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Iraqi President Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with British Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Hitchen at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad and expressed Iraq's strong desire to strengthen cooperation with the United Kingdom (UK).

President Rashid emphasised Iraq's strong desire to enhance relations with the UK and deepen bilateral cooperation in a manner that benefits both parties. He highlighted the need for increasing global efforts to foster peace and stability on both regional and international scales.

He stated that the Presidency is actively working to address the issue of detainees whose sentences have expired. This is being done through a committee comprised of the Presidency, the Ministries of Interior and Justice, and the Supreme Judicial Council. As a result, approximately 9,000 detainees have been released.
President Rashid emphasised the importance of actively monitoring the execution of the Supreme Committee's decisions to enforce Constitutional Article (140), resolve agricultural land issues, and address demographic shifts in a way that protects Kirkuk citizens' rights by following the law.

He discussed the relationship between the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan Region, emphasising the mutual desire to continue dialogue on issues such as budget approval, payment of dues to Kurdistan Region employees, and the need for a conducive environment for holding elections in the Kurdistan Region.

Ambassador Hitchen confirmed the British government's support for Iraq's efforts to establish regional security, praising its critical role in strengthening the foundation of peace in the region and applauding the Iraqi President's efforts to foster closer alignment among Iraqi political factions.


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