50 Iraqi & Kurdish Personalities Receive Peace Leader Award in Sulaymaniyah

Kurdistan 12:51 PM - 2024-02-08
The award ceremony for the Peace Leader for 2023 PUKMEDIA

The award ceremony for the Peace Leader for 2023

Kurdistan Region Iraq

The award ceremony for the Peace Leader for 2023 took place at the Mastura Hotel in Sulaymaniyah. During the event, 50 prominent Iraqi and Kurdistan figures, including a number of Leadership Council members and cadres of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), were awarded.

Barzan Mohammed Mahmoud, the Coordinator of the Seed of Hope Network for Community Peace in the Kurdistan Region, informed PUKMEDIA that the ceremony was organized by three organizations and that 50 prominent individuals from Iraq and Kurdistan were honored. 

"These individuals are awarded in recognition of their contributions to their respective fields and their dedicated efforts," he said.

Yesterday, around 60 prominent Iraqi figures arrived in Sulaymaniyah to take part in the ceremony. As part of their initial activities, they paid a visit to the tomb of President Mam Jalal at Dabashan and placed a wreath as a gesture of respect.


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