PUK Fights to Regain Power in Kirkuk

News 11:50 AM - 2023-11-20
 Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition, Kirkuk Provincial Council, and the PUK's logos. PUKMEDIA

Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition, Kirkuk Provincial Council, and the PUK's logos.

The Kurdish governorship of Kirkuk is being fought for by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), who also oppose the current acting governor's mishandling of the city. To put an end to this injustice, the PUK is urging the people of Kirkuk to vote for the candidates of the Kirkuk is Our Strength and Will Coalition.

PUK President Bafel Jalal Talabani said in a message to Kirkuk: "The principle of partnership and working together has consistently guided our approach. We have consciously avoided adopting a top-down approach to decision-making and administration, instead prioritizing inclusivity and shared decision-making processes. Kirkuk is Our Strength  & Will Coalition aims to bring an end to the prevailing age in Kirkuk when decisions are taken without considering the interests and welfare of the local people."

Meanwhile, Aso Mamand, Chairman of Kirkuk is Our Strength & Will Coalition, said: "By voting for our coalition, we can foster a more resolute determination moving forward to appoint a Kurdish governor from the PUK for the city because the PUK is committed to serving the people of Kirkuk through the provincial council and the governorship."

Rebwar Taha, the leader of Kirkuk on Our Strength & Will Coalition's list, said in a message: “Our coalition wants to put a new governor in Kirkuk to serve the people of the city and change the current poor governing system that has taken over the city.”

Ramazan Jabari, a candidate for Kirkuk is Our Strength & Will Coalition, told PUKMEDIA: "The PUK is campaigning to reclaim authority in Kirkuk province and overturn the choices imposed upon the city. In light of this, we ask the people of Kirkuk to support us and cast their votes in favour of the Kirkuk is Our Strength & Will Coalition."

"In the future, we hope that the governorship of Kirkuk will be held by a Kurd from the PUK because the ongoing tyranny inflicted on our nation is intolerable," Jabari said.

Jihan Ibrahim, another candidate for Kirkuk in the majority, Our Strength & Will Coalition, told PUKMEDIA: "If most of our candidates are elected to the Kirkuk Provincial Council, we will be the majority, and we will try to form a new administration that reflects all communities in the city”.

"The PUK is actively seeking to secure the position of governor of Kirkuk to address the grievances of the local populace and rectify the perceived injustices perpetrated by the acting governor to become an umbrella for all communities in Kirkuk," Ibrahim said.

The "Kirkuk is Our Strength & Will Coalition" is the PUK and the Kurdistan Communist Party's Coalition in the province of Kirkuk. The coalition is list number 142 and 30 candidates running for the Iraqi Provincial Council's elections.

The coalition's message and agenda involve creating a complete program that is a strategic project for a new method for governing Kirkuk and a radical solution to the city's challenges. Its candidates are experienced technocrats who represent the people of Kirkuk, representing all sects.

The Kirkuk coalition's program focuses on seven critical sectors in Kirkuk: administration, security, health and environment, industry and energy, education and higher education, arts, sports and youth, agriculture, and irrigation.


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