Kurdistan Region, Iran to Foster Trade Ties in Future

Kurdistan 10:12 PM - 2023-07-06
 Deputy Prime Minister and Iranian Consul General met in Erbil Deputy Prime Minister's media office

Deputy Prime Minister and Iranian Consul General met in Erbil

Qubad Talabani Kurdistan Region Iran

Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Qubad Talabani, met with the Iranian Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, Nasrullah Rashnoudi, to discuss recent political developments and relations between the two nations. Talabani also emphasized the importance of fostering trade ties in the future.

On Thursday, the two parties met in Erbil and agreed to strengthen their trade ties. They also discussed how to arrange the border gates so that businessmen on both sides benefit. 

In this aspect, both parties concurred that greater collaboration between the two governments is necessary to help businesspeople, which is in both nations' economic best interests.

Talabani stated the following concerning the meeting's discussion on Iranian business involvement in the Kurdistan Region: "The Kurdistan Regional Government welcomes Iranian investment, and Iranian businesses may contribute more to the growth of the Kurdistan Region and will be given the required support."


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