Slemani Museum displays Paikuli Monument

Kurdistan 06:31 PM - 2021-10-24

In the presence of the Italian and Iranian Consuls and a number of dignitaries, King Narseh section in Slemani Museum was opened on Sunday.

The section displays 5 statues representing the Paikuli Monument, which King Narsa built between the years 293 to 297 AD.

The director of the Slemani Museum, Hashim Hama, told PUKmedia, “the opening of King Narseh section is of historical importance on the Iraqi and international levels, as he is the only king whose texts were found in full form.”

Paikuli Monument, built by the Sassanid King Narseh between the years 293 and 297 AD, the monument was built to commemorate his accession to the throne after a power struggle with his nephew's son Bahram III. 


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