IHEC: No Force Can Be Obstacle to the Elections

Kurdistan 02:21 PM - 2024-04-01
 IHEC's logo, a voting sheet, and a voters' hand. PUKMEDIA

IHEC's logo, a voting sheet, and a voters' hand.

Kurdistan Parliament Kurdistan Elections

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and all other Kurdish parties, with the exception of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), are prepared for the sixth term of the Kurdistan Parliamentary Elections, scheduled to occur on June 10, 2024. The Iraqi Independent High Election Commission (IHEC) has invested significant funds into ensuring the smooth running of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections, and it asserts that no party has the power to disrupt the electoral process.

Amanj Aziz, head of IHEC's Sulaymaniyah Office, told PUKMEDIA: "With the exception of the KDP, all the political parties seeking to take part in the Kurdistan parliamentary elections have duly submitted their candidate lists to the commission."

"In the Sulaymaniyah constituency, two coalitions consisting of six Kurdish parties and the other five parties expressed their readiness for the elections and submitted the names of their candidates to the commission. Additionally, 22 independent candidates have registered their names," stated Aziz.

He highlighted that the commission is currently making preparations for the elections as outlined in the decree of the Kurdistan Region's Presidency for the sixth term of the Kurdistan Parliament, stating that the numbers for the lists, coalitions, and independent candidates will be assigned next week.

"The commission has allocated significant funds and exerted considerable effort to organise the parliamentary elections in Kurdistan. As a result, any party's decision to withdraw from the election will have an impact but will not impede the democratic electoral process," stated Aziz.

A total of 20 political parties, 2 coalitions, and 62 independent candidates were registered to take part in the forthcoming parliamentary elections throughout all four constituencies of Kurdistan. However, the current count of registered names of candidates indicate that only two coalitions, 10 parties, together with 54 independent candidates are taking part in the elections.

The Kurdistan Region has a total of 3,789,360 voters, out of whom over 2,900,000 have successfully registered in the biometric registration and are expected to take part in the elections in all four constituencies of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, and Halabja.



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