PUK Spokesperson: We Respect Federal Court's Decisions

P.U.K 11:26 PM - 2024-03-22
 PUK's delegation of the right and the Japanese delegation on the left. PUKMEDIA

PUK's delegation of the right and the Japanese delegation on the left.

PUK Kurdistan Elections

Saadi Ahmed Pire, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) spokesperson, met with Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Futoshi Matsumoto in Sulaymaniyah on Friday, March 22, 2024, in the presence of Bryar Rashid, a PUK bloc member in the Iraqi Parliament. The two parties discussed the current political and military situation in Iraq, the Kurdistan Region, and the region, with a focus on enhancing their relations.

In the meeting, Saadi Ahmed Pire stated: "The PUK strongly advocates for conducting elections on time, as we are firmly opposed to any delays. On the contrary, we will exert every effort to ensure that elections are held as scheduled. The current priority, as well as the demand of the PUK, is the distribution of salaries for the employees of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)."

He added: "The PUK acknowledges and upholds the rulings of the Iraqi Federal Court, as well as the rule of law and abiding by the terms of Iraq's permanent constitution, which is the sole authority and legal framework governing the country's affairs."

Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Futoshi Matsumoto said: "The Japanese government supports political stability and peace in the region. It advocates for the peaceful resolution of all issues via dialogue and mutual respect, in line with the higher interests, and to foster a conducive environment for economic, social, and overall prosperity."

"We are willing to provide coordination and assistance in any attempt to resolve the issues," he stated.

Following the meeting, Saadi Ahmed Pire praised Japanese government agencies for collaborating and synchronising with Kurdistan Region institutions. He emphasised the role of the Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) Organisation and JICA in improving administrative sectors and KRG employees' skills.


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