Kurdistan Region's Security Agency Receives Mandela Award

Kurdistan 11:11 PM - 2024-02-06
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The Kurdistan Region's Security (Asayish) Agency was awarded the Mandela Prize, an international recognition given to institutions that have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in carrying out legal protocols for investigating suspects. 

The Kurdistan Region Security Agency, a national institution for peace and stability, has successfully implemented international protocols for investigating suspects and documenting these procedures with cameras, marking the first time such measures have been implemented in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. As a result, the Prisoners' Justice Network awarded the agency the Mandela Prize. 

The Mandela Prize is awarded globally to organisations that have successfully implemented legal protocols for investigating accused individuals. The Security Agency has diligently followed all internationally recognised standards for documenting the investigation process with cameras and recordings, and it is committed to promoting peace and stability by consistently enforcing the most stringent legislative regulations.




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