Shalaw Kosrat Rasul & French CG Discuss Recent Developments in Kurdistan

Kurdistan 10:34 PM - 2024-01-24
Shalaw Kosrat Rasul & Yann Braem PUKMEDIA

Shalaw Kosrat Rasul & Yann Braem

France PUK

Shalaw Kosrat Rasul welcomed Yann Braem, the French Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, to Sulaymaniyah on Wednesday evening. 

Both parties discussed the state of affairs in the Kurdistan Region, political faction relations, and the Region's ties to Baghdad and engaged in open and transparent discussions about the issues at hand, expressing their personal perspectives. 

In the meeting, the upcoming Kurdish parliamentary elections and the PUK's stance were also discussed. Shalaw Kosrat Rasul clarified the PUK's stance to Mr. Braem. 


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