Iraqi First Lady Attends Funeral Ceremony of 41 Yazidi Victims

Kurdistan 10:11 PM - 2024-01-24
Mrs. Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed Iraqi First Lady's media office

Mrs. Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed

Iraqi First Lady Yazidis

Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, Iraq's First Lady, attended the burial ceremony of 41 victims of the Yazidi mass graves in Sinjar (Shingal) at the request of the families of those affected by the Yazidi genocide. 

Government and party officials, religious leaders, and prominent members of the Yazidi community all attended the ceremony. It was the sixth step in the burial of Kojo mass grave victims after their release from Baghdad's forensic medicine department. 

Under military protocol, the remains were transported to the square of the Yazidi Genocide Monument and draped with the Iraqi flag at the start of the ceremony. Following a series of speeches, a representative from the Yazidi community thanked the First Lady of Iraq for her participation and commitment to humanitarian and national causes. 

Mrs. Shanaz, along with relatives of Yazidi genocide victims, accompanied the bodies as they were transported from the monument to their hometowns of Kojo, Hardan, and other villages for burial. 

The various efforts and procedures, such as mass grave excavation, exhumation, identification, and body repatriation, clearly show the magnitude of the tragedy inflicted on the Kurdish people and all Iraqis by ISIS terrorists who acted ruthlessly and without regard for human and religious values. 


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