Head of UNAMI's Regional Office Ends His Mission in Kurdistan After 7 Years

Kurdistan 09:16 PM - 2024-01-24
Saadi Ahmed Pire & Ricardo Rodriguez PUKMEDIA

Saadi Ahmed Pire & Ricardo Rodriguez


Saadi Ahmed Pire, Spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), welcomed Ricardo Rodriguez, Head of UNAMI Regional Office - Erbil, to the Political Bureau headquarters. During the meeting, Pire gave Rodriguez an honorary award. 

Pire praised Mr. Rodriguez's significant contribution over the previous seven years in effectively working with various political groups in Kurdistan, particularly with the PUK. Moreover, Pire wished him success in his future obligations and tasks.

Rodriguez thanked the PUK for their cooperation and coordination with the UNAMI in achieving the goals of UN initiatives and strategies in the Kurdistan Region. He pledged to maintain ties and friendships with the PUK leadership, no matter where he was. 


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