Qubad Talabani: The Government Should Assist Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Kurdistan 03:55 PM - 2024-01-23
 Deputy Prime Minister helds a meeting in Erbil Deputy Prime Minister's media office

Deputy Prime Minister helds a meeting in Erbil

Qubad Talabani

Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani chaired a special meeting on reorganizing the Kurdistan Region's labor and trade infrastructure and bolstering the private sector.

A report on the restructuring of labor and business infrastructure was delivered at the Council of Ministers meeting on Tuesday. The report was compiled in cooperation with Dutch consultants and professional organizations.

The report comprehensively addressed the obstacles to business and investment, with particular emphasis on the challenges encountered by entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.

The meeting also encompassed the projects of aspiring entrepreneurs seeking an improved administrative, legal, and economic framework to foster their expertise and allocate their capital across diverse investment and trade sectors to revitalize medium-scale businesses and provide additional employment prospects.

Following a discussion of the report's contents, Talabani emphasized that every government institution should support business owners and those with creative ideas, as well as offer a variety of facilities to enable business owners to easily launch their own ventures and generate employment for others.

Several decisions were taken to improve the operations of businesspeople and entrepreneurs, as well as to support the establishment of new companies and reduce the challenges faced by aspiring young entrepreneurs in the field of business and innovation. These measures primarily focused on simplifying tax procedures for new companies, enhancing social security provisions, promoting the digitalization of services, and safeguarding the intellectual property rights of inventors.

To foster entrepreneurship and innovation, the meeting directed the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to incorporate entrepreneurship and innovation into the higher education curriculum.

The conference coincides with the inaugural Sulaimani International Forum for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, scheduled for Thursday, January 25. This event will showcase and put into action various new entrepreneurial concepts.

Eventually, it was determined that these sessions would persist in order to monitor the execution of the suggestions and decisions.


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