Shafafiat: Sulaymaniyah's monthly earnings is close to 30 billion dinars

Economy 11:31 PM - 2023-01-15
 Photo Credit: Shafafiat Website

Photo Credit: Shafafiat Website

The Shafafiat website reports that Sulaymaniyah generates over 30 billion dinars per month.

For the first time in the thirty years of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) rule, daily data and information on Sulaymaniyah's non-oil revenue are published on the Shafafiat website, and Qubad Talabani initiated this project.

The non-oil revenue for Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, and the two Garmian and Raparin administrations is tracked and organized on the website. From December 15, 2022, the first day of activation, to January 15, 2023, it showed Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, and the two Garmian and Raparin administrations' monthly revenue, which came to a total of 29 billion, 909 million, 494 thousand, and 562 dinars.

The Sulaymaniyah province and its surroundings are thought to have brought in 2 billion, 63 million, 365 thousand, and 127 dinars in total, according to the website.

On December 15, 2022, Qubad Talabani introduced the Shafafiat Project, which is also known as the "Transparency Project" in English. The project has enabled the public to regularly visit the Shafafiat website to view all of the non-oil income from Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, and the two Garmian and Raparin administrations.

Translated from Kurdish and edited by Hiran Halwan, Additional editing by Zareena Younis

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