Crafts, handmade items reflect different nations' cultures

Interviews 02:13 PM - 2021-09-06

A young man from Rawandiz District is relying on his handmade items as a source of income.

Craft or handmade is the act of making beautiful and practical items using hands with small tools. Handmade need artistic skills, and through this art, people can make impressive and cultural items. Moreover, different nations can show their cultures through handmade items, and they also can be traded.

Craftsman Karokh Hashim Sa'eed is one of the people who makes unique items. He is from Rawandiz District, located in Erbil Governorate.

When was the first time you made an item?

"When I was a child, I have always made many things with clay, and throughout the years, I became more experienced in many different arts," Sa'eed added.

Who supported you? Have you participated in any courses?

Sa'eed stated, "My parents always supported me and told me to continue. My wife also likes to do handmade, and she learned from my works and helps me in crafting."

Sa'eed revealed that he could not participate in any courses, pointing out, "You cannot find any art courses in Rawandiz, unfortunately, and I could not go to other cities for courses."

What are the tools used in your works?

"I use different tools, but in general, the materials are wood, wool, sacks, thread, rope, and many other things, including colors," he added.

Have you ever participated in exhibitions? 

Sa'eed said, "Actually, We were preparing to participate in an exhibition, but because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Exhibition was delayed, and I hope this pandemic will end soon to continue our works."

Do you benefit from your crafts economically?

"I believe that it is normal to make income for myself through my works. Thank God people from all the cities of the Kurdistan Region order my items," he stated.

What is people's reaction towards your works?

"I do not have a shop to display my works. People only see my works through my social media accounts." he declared.

How much time do you need to do a craft?

he said, "Well, it's up on the item that I make, some stuff does not take much time, but some of them do, especially when I use wood in it."

In your opinion, what should be done for developing handmade works?

"In my opinion, private and public sectors must support people who do these kinds of works in order to grow and produce greater items. This can be done by opening exhibitions and providing necessities," he added.


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