Sending 200 billion IQD/month to Kurdistan Region is a decision of Iraqi council of ministers and must be implemented: MP

Kurdistan 07:15 PM - 2021-08-10

According to a decision of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, the Iraqi government must send 200 billion dinars a month to Kurdistan Region and if the money is not sent, the cabinet's decision has been marginalized, a deputy in the Iraqi Council of Representatives said.

"The sending of 200 billion dinars a month by the Iraqi government to Kurdistan is a decision of the council of ministers and must be implemented," MP and Finance Committee member, Shirwan Mirza told PUKmedia on Tuesday.

Mirza said the money was sent last month to Kurdistan Region under pressures from the Iraq prime minister, but it is not clear this month whether the money would be sent to the Region or not.

He said the Iraqi finance minister was an obstacle to sending the money to Kurdistan Region every month and believed that the Kurdistan Regional Government is in debt to the Iraqi government.


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