Yes, education needs reform

Opinions 07:16 PM - 2021-12-11

In terms of the idea that all the good basic changes and reforms in the society are able to be obtained from the process of education. If this process is right and possible for the developed countries, of course, it is a necessary and inevitable thing for us. So we have to pay a good attention to it in all aspects so that we can improve it as well as possible. It is worth mentioning that the process of education and higher education must be the priority of the government. At the same time reform must be being carried out in the process.

Unfortunately, the process of education in Kurdistan has never been paid a good importance as necessarily as possible, and it has not been the priority of the government yet. It is not forgotten that a conference was held in May of 2007, in which some good changes were made for the purpose of updating and reinforcing all the joints of education. But because it had quickly been done, it was partially aborted. 

It is a fact that all the people who are responsible for education are very well aware of that the process of education and teaching is not a thing which may emerge suddenly as a natural phenomenon. It must not be put under the control of fate to change its shape or produce what it likes. We should perceive the fact that the process of education and teaching is paid a great importance by all the organizations and united nations all over the world. 

Now, what is important to be mentioned is that why should we deal with this crucial process very slowly?! I have continuously for ten years concentrated on the fact that we can’t achieve any goals if we go on like this by means of these simple instruments. Since then, I have focused on some of the most important creative points, like:

1. The government ought to spend time on providing the most fantastic facilities for the purpose of improving education.

2. Teachers must always be familiar with the newest methods of teaching and psychology so that they can fulfil their educational tasks. 

3. Changes must be made in the teaching programs ‘curriculum’ because there are not any opportunities to adapt the programs to the educational system forever. Especially, we all know very well that science is spreading quickly and surprisingly over all the limits. 

For this, the needs of market must highly be considered.

4. Using the newest techniques and technology as a crucial factor for the purpose of strengthening the thinking of individuals because the process of education doesn’t mean filling mind but it means the training of mind on how an individual can express his or her responsibility. 

5. stressing that a high- level education development center should be fully empowered and financially helped. It should be led by the vice president of the council of ministers, and the relevant ministers, a group of skilled people, and the teachers’ union should be members of it. On the one hand, they will continue researching and investigating its joints and solving problems. On the other hand, important decisions can be made when it is necessary to improve the process in all stages of study. 

6. Determining the philosophy of education and higher education, in this regard, we should take advantage of the experienced of developed countries and pursue it. Why have they gone through so many great stages? Of course, because before all their steps, they have scientifically and logically fabricated the main lines of their education. In a way that this text has settled on them and they believe that a developed country never has a backward education, and vice versa. All developed countries always depend on advanced education.

There is a fact that education is not replaced by any alternatives. So it should not be treated like this that is seen today. It must be on the top of the government’s work programme and it must always be reformed. Recently, the vice president of Council of Ministers  said, ‘ Education needs reform’. In fact, this view is based on deep problems in the process and the risk of a lot of withdrawal, So I say, ‘ yes, education needs reform and more.’ 

Abdulwahid Muhammad 

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