Iraqi President Calls UNHCR to Support Decision to Close Iraq's IDP Camps

Iraq 02:01 PM - 2024-02-05
 Iraqi President's meeting with representative of the UNHCR. Iraqi Presidency

Iraqi President's meeting with representative of the UNHCR.

Iraqi President Iraq United Nations

Iraqi President Abdullatif Jamal Rashid received a delegation led by Jean-Nicolas Bozon, representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), at Baghdad Palace on Sunday, 4 February 2024.

They discussed efforts to enhance cooperation between Iraq and the UNHCR to provide better services to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP). President Rashid reiterated that Iraq seeks to increase cooperation and coordination with the UNHCR in order to ensure that appropriate care is given to these people who have suffered immensely due to violence, threats, and displacement. 

President Rashid underscored the importance the UNHCR and the international community's support for the Iraqi Government’s decision to shut down the IDP camps on July 30, 2024. He stressed the need to intensify efforts which have been exerted by international organizations working in Iraq to resolve the IDP file and put an end to their tragic plight which has gone on for several years. He also called for practical and immediate steps to find the necessary mechanisms for their return to their homes upon the provision of security and adequate basic services.

President Rashid added that Iraq hosts a significant number of refugees, providing them with healthcare and services, but there is an urgent need for UNHCR to increase its field visits to gauge the actual conditions of refugees in order to provide them with better care.

President Rashid reiterated Iraq's firm commitment to applying the principles of human rights and ensuring respect for all international agreements.

UNHCR representative Jean-Nicolas Bozon commended Iraq’s efforts in providing services and other needs for refugees and IDPs, stressing that the UNHCR supports strengthening cooperation and coordination with the Iraqi authorities in resolving this file.

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