PUK Spokesman: PUK Desires a Diplomatic Resolution to the Issues

P.U.K 01:42 PM - 2023-12-14
 PUK Spokesman with Iranian Consul General PUKMEDIA

PUK Spokesman with Iranian Consul General

Iran PUK

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) spokesman, Saadi Ahmed Pira, met with an Iranian Consulate General delegation in Erbil. The delegation was led by Nasrollah Rashnoudi, the Iranian Consul General, and included several consulate advisors and diplomats. 

The two parties discussed the overall political situation in the surrounding area, with a particular focus on Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. 

"The Islamic Republic of Iran prioritizes the political situation in Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan Region, to promote political stability, peace, political process progress, economic development, increased prosperity, and the reinforcement of democracy in the surrounding area," Rashnoudi stated. 

During the meeting, Saadi Ahmed Pira emphasized the PUK's desire for diplomatic solutions to political issues, particularly international and regional conflicts. He emphasized the importance of adhering to Iraq's permanent Constitution and resolving disputes peacefully and mutually. "The ultimate goal is to find a solution that will bring prosperity and stability to the Iraqi people," he said. 



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