Qubad Talabani: Kurdish Parties' Uniting Will Help Resolve Baghdad-Kurdistan Disputes

Kurdistan 04:57 PM - 2023-11-28
DPM & Turkish Ambassador met in Erbil Deputy Prime Minister's media office

DPM & Turkish Ambassador met in Erbil

Qubad Talabani Türkiye

Qubad Talabani, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, held a meeting with Ali Riza Guney, the Turkish Ambassador to Iraq, to discuss several matters of shared importance.

The meeting took place in Erbil on Tuesday and was attended by Memet Mevlut Yakut, the Consul General of Türkiye in the Kurdistan Region, and Daban Shadala, the Deputy Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Foreign Relations Department. The participants engaged in a comprehensive conversation regarding the overall state of affairs in Iraq, with a specific focus on relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad. The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the importance of resolving the issues between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad through dialogue. He stated that the unity of political parties in the Kurdistan Region and the resolution of internal issues will have an impact on resolving the issues between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.

During another round of discussion, the deliberations focused on the Iraqi provincial council elections, with particular emphasis on the elections held in Kirkuk. Both parties expressed a desire for the elections to take place in a tranquil and unproblematic environment, with outcomes that would benefit all Iraqi citizens.

Talabani commented on the situation in Kirkuk and said: "Over the past few years, significant differences have emerged among the many communities residing in the city. The solution lies in reverting to the principles established by President Mam Jalal in governing the city following the provincial council elections to transform Kirkuk into a model city that fosters peaceful coexistence among all communities, ensuring that no party experiences persecution, injustice, or marginalization."

Another subject discussed during the meeting pertained to the matter of oil exports and the region's budgetary difficulties.

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed hope that oil shipments would soon resume in this Region, saying: "The Kurdistan Region and Baghdad should reach a comprehensive and long-term deal to settle most of their differences, including a fundamental solution to the budgetary issue."



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