PUK's Martyrs' Day: A Proof of PUK's Struggle for Freedom

P.U.K 10:36 AM - 2023-11-21
 PUK logo and Peshmergas. PUKMEDIA

PUK logo and Peshmergas.


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has declared the day Shihab Sheikh Nuri, Anwar Zorab, and Jaafar Abdulwahid were executed as the PUK's martyrs' commemorative day.

The three leaders were hanged after being imprisoned by the dictatorial Ba'ath regime. They lived a relatively short but honorable life.

The PUK gets the lion's share in achieving the victories

The three PUK leaders were executed by the Ba'ath regime on November 21, 1976. The spread of the tragic news caused a profound sense of sadness among Kurdish residents. The Peshmerga lived by a motto that emphasized bravery and the pursuit of a brief but honorable life. As a result of the martyrs' sacrifices, the valiant efforts of the Peshmergas, and the strategic decisions implemented by President Mam Jalal and his leadership team, the new movement was able to achieve peace.

The PUK has 33,000 martyrs

It has been documented that the PUK has over 33,000 martyrs, according to the martyrs' register list maintained by the PUK's Bureau of Martyrs and Veterans. This figure includes approximately 26,000 battlefield martyrs as well as an additional 7,000 civilian martyrs.

The PUK possesses numerous accounts of experiences of mountain battles and struggles inside prisons, serving as evidence that the party has exhibited unwavering determination in pursuing the lawful entitlements of the Kurdish people. The political party additionally has a total of 4,150 Valliant Peshmergas who suffer from disabilities as a result of their heroic efforts in defending our land and people against the Ba'ath dictatorship and terrorist groups.

President Mam Jalal was always quoted as saying, "What has been accomplished has been accomplished through the sacrifices of martyrs." As a result, this day stands out in the history of the PUK and our people's liberation movement because it demonstrates that the PUK's struggle for this nation and country has always been a bloody one."

On the occasion of the PUK Martyrs' Day, Qubad Talabani, the head of President Mam Jalal's Secretariat Bureau, wrote on Facebook: "Every mountain, hill, and plain of Kurdistan, every village, neighborhood, and street of this country is painted with the sacred blood of a martyr." The number of our martyrs demonstrates that the PUK is a martyr's party that represents all Kurdish people."




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