Qubad Talabani: An Open Discussion About Iraq's Future is Vital

Kurdistan 01:00 PM - 2023-11-20
Qubad Talabani at MEPS Forum PUKMEDIA

Qubad Talabani at MEPS Forum

Qubad Talabani

During a discussion at the MEPS Forum, Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, stated: "We need to reset the political relationships between all components of Iraq and ask: Is Iraq a federal state?"

Talabani stated during the second session of the MEPS Forum, titled "The Great Reset: Erbil-Baghdad Relations and the Future of Iraq," that "a constitution similar to that of Baghdad is necessary for the Kurdistan Region, to resolve the issue of federalism in Iraq, because the Kurdistan constitution will not be settled unless this issue is resolved."

“It's crucial to get our house in order. Prioritizing regional matters does not mean neglecting Iraq; we must concentrate on the broader constitution we are working with. Neglecting either could lead to potential failure,” Talabani stated.

"We cannot have a functioning constitution in Kurdistan if we do not have our rights in Iraq; that cannot happen if the question of federalism in Iraq is not resolved," he added.

The Deputy Prime Minister made the following remarks about federalism in the nation: "Different Iraqi components have diverse definitions of federalism; the Federal Council's creation will bring these components into harmony; federalism in Iraq cannot exist without the Federal Council; and an open discussion about Iraq's future is vital."

He also stated, "As the Kurdistan Region, we require a second constitution and our own system." While the Constitution does contribute to a more balanced political environment, it is important to note that constitutional solutions to problems remain elusive without a sound mentality. In this light, Iraq must be reorganized for us to coexist in a liberated Iraq."

"That mentality must be changed before anything else," he highlighted. "The constitution and the law are insufficient on their own to address the problems." Kurds have historically been prominent participants in budget law; however, what benefits have they derived from the law? What is the point of having a law if it is not enforced?

"The recent events in Iraq show that the issues are political, and there should be an open and honest discussion about the future of Iraq," he said.

"Patriotism is not measured by slogans, words, or arousing people's feelings," Deputy Prime Minister Talabani added. Patriotism to me means serving the people and protecting their rights. As a Kurd, I believe we are being politically persecuted. Our employees' salaries have been delayed for several months, and the boycott in parts of Kurdistan continues."




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