President Rashid: Sulaymaniyah Represents Beauty in Kurdistan & Iraq

Kurdistan 02:44 PM - 2023-11-14
 President Rashid Iraqi Presidency media office

President Rashid

Sulaymaniyah Iraqi President

The President of Iraq extends his congratulations to the people of Sulaymaniyah on the commemoration of the 239th anniversary of the city's establishment.

President Rashid's full statement is as follows:

This day marks the 239th anniversary of Sulaymaniyah's founding by the Babanis. One of the most important cities in both Iraq and the region. Sulaymaniyah has led the way in growth and is now a symbol of beauty for both the Kurdistan region and all of Iraq.

Sulaymaniyah, as it is known today, was founded in 1784 by Kurdish Prince Ibrahim Pasha Baban, who named it after his father, Sulaiman Pasha, and made it the capital of the Baban Emirate. As a result, it has evolved into a civilization, scientific, and cultural center. 

Apart from serving as the cultural center of Kurdistan, it takes great pride in its historical significance as a representation of national resilience and dedication.

Numerous politicians, activists, and cultural icons, including poets and writers who have remained devoted to their homeland and contributed to humanity, have come from this city.

Sulaymaniyah never gave up in the face of injustice and tyranny carried out by fascist governments like the Baath dictatorship. Its commitment to protecting its freedom from tyranny and repression, as well as its right to a free life, has never wavered. Back then, individuals worked hard to enhance their lives and ensure that they would have a respectable standard of living in the future.

In addition to supporting Kurdish independence movements across Kurdistan, Sulaymaniyah has demonstrated its dedication to the rights of the Kurdish population in Iraq and its conviction in the idea of a Federal Democratic Iraq.

Kurdish leaders have surfaced since the establishment of the Iraqi state, calling for the rights of their people and promoting brotherhood and goodwill among Iraqis from all backgrounds. Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hafid is one such leader.

Therefore, the people of Sulaymaniyah frequently struggled with their Arab counterparts to defend Kurdish rights and establish a democratic Iraq.

This dynamic city was essential to the establishment of a free and democratic federal Iraq. This has led to a strong bond between Kurdish and Arab intellectuals, who work together to accomplish shared objectives.

In addition to the significant sacrifices it made in this regard, Sulaymaniyah's role in ushering in a post-dictatorial Iraq demands increased focus and effort to transform it into an even more magnificent location. especially considering that Sulaymaniyah was the basis and headquarters for the majority of political forces.

The primary objective of the Presidency of the Republic is to cater to the needs of all governorates and cities within the country by ensuring the provision of optimal services and facilitating their development and progress. Consequently, we maintain regular communication with the relevant authorities and engage in close collaboration with the Kurdistan Region, the federal government, and local governments.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the people of Sulaymaniyah.

We wish Sulaymaniyah and all of our nation's cities a prosperous and secure future filled with peace and stability. 

Abdullatif Jamal Rashid,
President of the Republic of Iraq


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