Kurdistan Region celebrates Kurdish dress day

Variety 11:45 AM - 2021-03-10


On Wednesday, March 10, Kurdish dress day ceremonies took place in all cities of the Kurdistan Region, with women, men, and children wearing various colored and patterned Kurdish clothes.


The people of Kurdistan celebrated the Kurdish dress day in all schools and government departments in the Kurdistan Region, where students, employees, and citizens, men, and women, wore the Kurdish dress to celebrate this joyful day.


Citizens expressed their pleasure on this day, which expresses the identity of the Kurds and their heritage rich in pride and glory.


The Kurdistan Regional Government had decided to make March 10 of every year a special day for Kurdish dress in the Kurdistan Region.


Traditional Female Kurdish Dress

Traditional dress for women in Kurdistan consists of very colorful clothing. Usually a long dress or gown is worn, over which a jacket or vest is worn. Colorful belts are included, as are colorful pants.


Traditional shoes for Kurdish women are also colorful, and may be embroidered with beads or precious stones.


Jewelry is common and all women, regardless of age, can be seen sporting accessories. Older women, in particular, were more expensive jewlery, especially if she has been given a large dowry from her husband’s family.


At one point in time, the quality and quantity of a woman’s jewelry implied their societal status. Today this is not entirely the case, but may apply in some more traditional Kurdish societies.


Traditional Male Kurdish Dress

Traditional clothing for men in Kurdistan consists of baggy pants that may be colorful, but are more often muted earth tones. Men wear plain shirts, and generally wear vests or jackets over their shirts. The outfit is completed by a large belt or sash tied around the waist.


Traditional dress for male Kurds includes a turban wrapped around the head, and traditionally a dagger tucked into the large sash at the waist.





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