The National Cause

Opinions 11:56 AM - 2023-07-08
 Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed.

Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed.

Written by Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed

Some people say that our sense of patriotism has gotten weaker. Is this feeling truly broken in the hearts and minds of the people, or is it the plan and policy of some of the leaders of our time, who try to blame everyone for their own reasons and protect their own interests by blaming others?

How can we lose our sense of patriotism? When a martyr rests under every stone in Kurdistan and a pine tree recovers from the ashes of every forest fire. When tragedy has struck any part of Kurdistan, the Kurds have banded together to collect necessities for the victims, sharing the bread their children eat out of a sacred and profound sense of patriotism. If a brother in need came along, a Kurd would gladly part with his medal from the terrible days of battle, proving that our national feeling is secure. However, what is sick is this power that is becoming narrower by the day.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) should have held a conference in Erbil to mark the centennial anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne to show that it recognizes its historical and moral obligations to Kurdistan rather than fulfilling its passion for holding conferences on trivial matters.

Isn't it strange that Mr. Government not only won't take responsibility for this historical problem but also won't let the guests who were supposed to arrive in Qamishli through the Kurdistan Region take part in the forum?

It is a pity that our region cannot and will not send help, a truck of milk for children, or a delegation to Rojava (the Kurdish region of Syria) via a border crossing on its own land, or facilitate the work of fellow brothers and sisters with whom we share a nationality. Instead, it creates conditions in which the true owners of the Kurdish cause are forced to rely on other governments, groups, and parties to sustain the Kurdish national movement. 



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