PUK President, Russian Foreign Minister Emphasise Developing Relations

P.U.K 10:02 PM - 2024-03-28
PUK President & Russian Foreign Minister PUK President’s media office

PUK President & Russian Foreign Minister

Russia President Bafel

Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

The meeting, attended by Darbaz Kosrat Rasul, Head of PUK's Foreign Relations Department, discussed the most recent political, economic, and security developments in the region, emphasising the importance of fostering relations between the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and Russia to protect the region's higher interests.

President Bafel Jalal Talabani conveyed the condolences of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to the people of Russia following the recent terrorist attack in Moscow, which claimed the lives of civilians. He emphasised the importance of bolstering international efforts to counter extremism and improving national coordination to address security challenges and eliminate the lingering threat of terrorism, which continues to endanger humanity.

During the meeting, President Bafel discussed the recent developments and changes, outlining the PUK's strategy. He stressed the importance of nurturing political relations to uphold security and stability, highlighting the need to safeguard the sovereignty of both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and preventing the country from becoming the ground for settling scores. 

In response, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reaffirmed Russia's dedication to ensuring enduring peace in the region by adhering to a policy of non-interference in Iraq's internal affairs and sovereignty. Both parties reiterated the importance of preserving political stability and peace in both Iraq and the broader region.

The meeting also delved into the longstanding relations between the Kurdish people and Russia. Both sides eagerly highlighted the progression and broadening of this relationship. They expressed appreciation for President Mam Jalal's efforts in charting a roadmap for this relationship, agreeing that adherence to this plan would foster expanded cooperation and coordination, benefiting both parties.



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