PUK Takes Part in CPC Forum in Beijing

World 09:39 PM - 2024-03-25
 PUK Representative Salar Sarhad among other participants of the CPC Forum PUKMEDIA

PUK Representative Salar Sarhad among other participants of the CPC Forum

PUK China

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), as a prominent and influential political party in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the region, received an invitation to participate in the Communist Party of China (CPC) Forum in Beijing.

Salar Sarhad Khalifa, a member of the PUK's Leadership Council representing PUK President Bafel Jalal Talabani at the forum, told PUKMEDIA that the forum commenced its inaugural meeting on Monday, March 25, 2024, with the attendance of the Director General of West Asia and North Africa and that the talks centered on prevailing concerns in the Middle East, and the attending parties declared a shared stance to address these challenges.

"Tomorrow, March 26, 2024, I will be delivering the PUK's speech on behalf of President Bafel. The speech will focus on the longstanding relationship between President Mam Jalal and the PUK with China. President Bafel is committed to maintaining and furthering this relationship, following in the footsteps of President Mam Jalal," stated Sarhad.

The PUK and the Communist Party of China are developing their relations

The PUK and China have a 65-year-old relationship and both sides want to develop and strengthen their relations.

The PUK Leadership Council member also stated that they will tour Chinese government institutions and historical locations associated with the Communist Party of China in order to deepen their understanding of the party's history and enhance bilateral relations.

"The PUK has maintained a 65-year-long diplomatic relationship with China. The PUK aims to enhance its ties with China and the Communist Party of China. This forum will play a significant role in achieving this objective," he added.

A total of twenty-two leftist parties from West Asia and North Africa are currently taking part in the forum. In the previous three years, the forum was conducted online owing to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this year, the forum has returned to being held in person, and the PUK is also participating.



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