Iraqi First Lady, Japanese Ambassador Discuss Humanitarian Cooperation

Iraq 07:50 PM - 2024-03-23
Iraqi First Lady and Dr. Bryar Rashid on the right and the Japanese Ambassador and his team on the left. Iraqi First Lady's Media

Iraqi First Lady and Dr. Bryar Rashid on the right and the Japanese Ambassador and his team on the left.

Iraqi First Lady Iraq

The Japanese Ambassador to Iraq, Futoshi Matsumoto, was received by the First Lady of Iraq, Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, at her office in Sulaymaniyah on Saturday, March 23, 2024.

Dr. Bryar Rashid, an Iraqi Parliament Member, attended a meeting where the joint coordination mechanism and the Japanese government's efforts and contributions in the humanitarian sphere were discussed.

The first lady emphasized that the people of Iraq are keen to obtain health care, education, and also to develop economic infrastructure.

The First Lady, Shanaz, emphasized the importance of sustaining the humanitarian endeavors of Japanese organizations and agencies, particularly in light of Iraq's history of terrorist attacks that have resulted in numerous casualties, displaced families, refugees, and the destruction of human lives, cultural landmarks, and civilization. She stated that addressing these repercussions requires global assistance.

In addition, she commended the Japanese government's endeavors to assist Iraq in the realm of humanitarian aid. She emphasised the significance of Japanese help in establishing and operating facilities for the treatment and recovery of drug addicts, with the aim of curbing the proliferation of this perilous epidemic.

The panel also deliberated on strategies to enhance cultural, educational, and health ties, as well as offering assistance to refugees and displaced individuals to enable their repatriation.

The Japanese Ambassador provided the First Lady with a detailed account of his country's endeavors in the realm of education, as well as its contributions towards addressing the issue of access to clean drinking water and enhancing the electricity infrastructure. Additionally, he discussed efforts to enhance cooperation and coordination between the two nations.



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