School garden in Said Sadiq produces two tons of pomegranates annually

Variety 10:25 AM - 2021-11-12

One of the schools in the town of Said Sadiq, 60 kilometers southeast of the city, has a pomegranate garden that produces 2 tons of pomegranate annually.

Kochar Latif, principal of Sham Elementary School in the village of Sarai Subhan Agha in the town of Said Sadiq, told PUKmedia, that the school has a large garden with more than 300 pomegranate trees that produces 2 tons of pomegranate every year, stressing that the school pays great attention to trees and the garden to encourage students to plant and help to make the school environment more healthy.

Sham Elementary School is built inside 2 dunums of land and this year's fruit products has doubled compared to last year

"I have been taking care of these pomegranate trees for 16 years... The garden produces other fruits too and in large quantities, such as grapes, apricots, peaches, olives, and oranges," Latif said, noting that green spaces represent 80% of the school's total area.

He continued, that the school sells these agricultural products, the most important of which is pomegranate, and that the financial returns are spent on purchasing the school's needs or filling shortcomings and reconstruction works.

Reported by Muhammad Abdulrahman

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