German parliament recognizes the genocide of Yazidi Kurds

World 02:27 PM - 2023-01-19
German Parliament voting on recognizing the Yazidi Genocide. PUKMEDIA

German Parliament voting on recognizing the Yazidi Genocide.

The massacre of the Yazidi Kurds was declared genocide by the German parliament.

The Bundestag, the lower house of Germany's parliament, said on Thursday that the 2014 slaughter of Yazidis by terrorists from the Islamic State (ISIS) group in Iraq constituted "genocide" and demanded that steps be taken to help the underrepresented community.

Following previous actions by nations including Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the Bundestag "recognizes the crimes against the Yazidi people as genocide, following the legal analyses of investigators from the United Nations," the resolution stated.

In 2014, ISIS militants took control of the Sinjar Mountains in the Kurdistan Region, where Yazidis had resided for centuries. In addition to using boys as child soldiers and enslaving women and children, ISIS terrorists also murdered many of the men in the area. Since then, many Yazidis have left their hometown. An estimated 5,000 individuals are thought to have been killed and another 7,000 taken hostage. 

The Green Bundestag faction holds a memorial event

Following the recognition, the Green Bundestag faction will host a memorial ceremony in the German Bundestag's plenum.

According to the faction "In a show of respect for the victims and their families, the German Bundestag recognized the genocidal actions against the Yazidis, but survivors of the genocide continue to experience its effects."

"The greatest Kurdish diaspora is headquartered in Germany, and it has actively lobbied for the Bundestag to declare the genocide. Now, January 19, 2023, will mark this occasion," the faction added.



Prepared by Besha Jawhar


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