Civil Aviation Authority obligates travelers to present international vaccination card

Iraq 02:54 PM - 2022-01-16

On Sunday, the Civil Aviation Authority announced the beginning of obligating arrivals and departures and foreigners to present the international vaccination card (containing the IQ verification code).

Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement that based on the decisions of the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety, the administration demands all the airlines to begin obligating arrivals and departures from Iraqis and foreigners to present the international vaccination card (containing IQ verification code).

The administration indicated that the card is proof that the person has received at least two doses of one of the Covid-19 vaccines, in addition to the (PCR) examination, 72 hours before the flight, excluding those who are unable for health reasons to prove this with medical reports, as well as canceling the work except for the pilgrims from the requirement to present the international card for vaccination.

The head of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, Captain Nael Saad Abdul Hadi, directed the Iraqi airport's administration to provide the necessary assistance to the working health staff in airports and to prevent anyone from traveling who shows fake vaccination cards or PCR examination.

Meanwhile, a source at Slemani International Airport told PUKmedia that the airports of the Kurdistan Region are committed to implementing the latest regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority.

"The Slemani Airport is committed to the procedures issued by the Civil Aviation Authority regarding presenting the international vaccination card (containing the IQ verification code) and other decisions to limit the spread of the Coronavirus and ensure the safety of arrivals and departures.


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